February 5, 2024

Interview with Spondeo: How we took our collaborative matchmaking platform to Poland?‍

Interview with Spondeo: How we took our collaborative matchmaking platform to Poland?‍ In June 2023, we began our journey in Poland, and it has been a fast-paced ride ever since. Recently, Mikko Virtanen, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Agileday, spoke with Tuomas Asunmaa from Spondeo to delve deeper into our expansion into this budding market. Read the interview that was originally published in Spondeo’s 2024 online issue on Finnish Business and Culture in Poland.‍
You are a relatively young company and have already entered the Polish market – how did it come about? 

We launched last March, and from day one our company has been focused on international growth. We were considering both Sweden and Poland as our first export markets, but things started to happen in Poland much faster and we gained our first Polish client in May.

And then you stepped up a gear? 

We then investigated the Polish market more closely and began meeting people there. During our visits, we held around 15 meetings a week and received a positive overall reception. We also joined SoDA* and their event. Our target is now to focus more on the Polish market.

Why Poland exactly?

Well, I can give you four reasons. First, it's a large market with high volumes. Secondly, it's a growing market. Third, the IT market is already mature and ready; companies are engaged in numerous international projects and successfully compete in tough markets, especially in the UK and USA. Other CEE countries have not yet reached that level. Finally, all of that means that Polish companies are very focused, hungry for growth, and eager to expand rapidly. The energy level is great and we are helping them reach the next level.

Yes, the Polish IT market is experiencing lots of top-level startups nowadays.

Exactly, and it's also fun to work with Polish companies!

Have you encountered any surprises?

At times, Polish business culture is still quite hierarchical, with managers overseeing even the small details. But the IT companies are challenging these norms and leading the change big time now. However, there has been nothing too significant overall.

What would you advise other foreigners looking to enter the Polish market?

First, meet people face to face. Online meetings followed by demos and follow-ups won't suffice; you have to establish a local presence. If we weren’t physically present here, we would have failed. Secondly, be curious and creative and meet with everyone who is willing to connect with you. Don't exclude them if you don't see an exact match. You will gain something from every meeting. Last but not least – if you come from Finland, a small gift like Fazer chocolate always works wonders!


There you have it, folks: the story of how we learned to operate in Poland. Read the original article from Spondeo’s Issuu here

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