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How we work is changing. A shift from rigid organizing to a more human-centric approach is happening everywhere, with the knowledge work industry leading the way. We drive this change with our customers by providing an operating platform that connects your organization around one shared truth, makes the truth relevant and actionable for every role, and unleashes your organization's collective intelligence.

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Agileday takes your forward to better ways of working.

Time to update the ancient management principles

Many companies have a good understanding of modern leadership practices. But rapid growth often causes silos and structures to form, which does not serve the needs of an optimally operated business. Often the outcomes remind us of the 50-year-old management practices built atop 19th-century management principles. While the world becomes increasingly complex, our organizational systems are designed for a simpler era. Rigid, centrally-led structures chained by old practices and frustrating processes ignore human needs and leave business potential on the table. It is time for a change.

Because people deserve more

Silos, lack of transparency, and a disengaged workforce are symptoms of poorly operated companies. All organizations can reach more by developing their way of operating. Modern, agile-born companies show that when people's needs are at the center, customers and employees are happier, and business blooms.

Our theory-based beliefs guide our work

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Autonomy, mastery and purpose

People can find their inner drive when organizations unlock the feeling of autonomy, mastery, and purpose at work. With the right tools, individuals can impact their work, use their know-how daily, and live up to their potential.
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Sense of belonging and psychological safety

Knowledge work is not about lonely riders but teams. Connections between people build a sense of belonging and psychological safety, which magnifies individuals' potential. High-performing teams are a source of innovation and results.
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Shared truth, empowered execution and collective intelligence

Empowered teams and individuals create an adaptive network when they can operate without silos. This team-of-teams structure is more effective and agile, enabling high performance at scale.

Agileday is a catalyst for releasing the potential of your organization.

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Our operating platform shapes how your work across the organizational system. See how we can help you work better and be happier in your role.

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We believe that together with our customers, we can create knowledge work people enjoy. We want to partner with organizations that share our ambition.

When companies grow, there comes a point when silos start to form unless actively managed. Typically, this happens when the employee count passes 150 but Agileday can help. Our platform has been evaluated from 30 to 2000 person knowledge companies - those solving the issues created or trying to avoid them altogether.

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Willingness to place people at the heart of the operations
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Desire to grow without hierarchy and rigid structures
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Courage to rethink the role of  management
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High growth ambitions
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Increasingly complex operational environment