All-in-one solution for your operations

Connect your critical business elements with our operating platform fit for humans. With radical transparency from sales to people development, you can achieve an adaptive team of teams system that adapts as your business moves.

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Do high employee engagement and improving utilization seem like an impossible match?

Matching business objectives with employee interests can feel like a daunting task. But you can get it all: happy customers, people, and business.

10 problems
that most organizations struggle with
No. 1
Transparency and “a single source of truth” is missing
No. 2
Experts cannot impact their next assignment
No. 3
Strategy and personal development paths are buried in tools no one uses
No. 4
Sales do not have updated information on the skills and references
No. 5
Staffing is chaotic and time-consuming with lots of manual work
No. 6
Organizational silos with each optimizing its own turf
No. 7
Missing allocation data and no visibility of what people work with
No. 8
Passive mode with no active collaboration on leads and ideas
No. 9
Missing accurate, real-time, and actionable operational business data
No. 10
Disengaged people and missing alignment with company strategy
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Solve the problems with a system level solution:

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Skills management and competence development
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Advanced staffing and resourcing
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Simple and fast CV and reference management
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Strategy, OKRs and game plans
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Intelligent business forecasting
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Organizational pulse and insight gathering
-> All connected
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Six spaces full of features

Meet the operating platform that connects your people, sales, projects and strategy. By bridging siloed operational data, Agileday forms a single source of truth easily accessible by everyone.

People space
Agileday platform profile page
Get to know your community
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View people profiles, skills, and interests
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Explore teams and interconnections
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Evaluate certification, development, and recruitment needs
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Generate CVs for offers
sales space
Agileday platform opportunity openings and projects across the company
Grow win rates and find motivated talent
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See all customers, related projects, and opportunities, and who is interested
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Match opportunities with motivated people quickly
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Share leads from customers for sales to act on
project space
Agileday shows allocation data for staffing
Optimize operations with advanced staffing
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View all on-going projects and teams involved
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See everyone's allocations and billing rates
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Optimize your operations with easy-to-understand color-coded allocation data
strategy space
Company strategy space on Agileday
Align your company towards the North Star
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Bring company strategy for everyone to see
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Explore and work on team-level game plans
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Align team and personal OKRs with strategy
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Link individuals' work with the big picture and purpose
insights space
Agileday collects input and feedback from people
Harness the collective intelligence
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Ask insights from the co-workers on current topics
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Collect development ideas from the community
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Request help for projects and tasks
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Contribute and help others with your expertise
intelligence space
Agileday shows intelligent data on operations and business
Manage your business with actionable data
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Bring data from multiple sources into one view
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View how the system runs and forecast business impact
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Get data-based suggestions to act on
Coming soon

Available add-ons

Tailor the platform to serve your needs with our additional features. Everything you need in one.

Agileday platform profile page
Report hours faster than ever
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Clock in hours easily based on allocation data
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Track submitted hours by people, teams or units
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Utilize time reporting data as a source for invoicing

See what Agileday can do for you

What is the challenge our platform helps you solve?

Integrate with tools of your choice

Agileday integrates quickly into your existing CRM, PSA, HR, or other tools. Login is simple with single sign-on (SSO) utilizing your existing Google, Microsoft, or dedicated SSO platform, and notifications are automatically delivered to Slack or Teams.

We are continuously adding new integrations to our toolbox. You can also access and import your data with a robust & modern API and other advanced integration methodologies. Agileday is designed to be integrated with the tools you use.

Our ready-made integrations include

Our onboarding services

Our onboarding and business development services ensure your success. Our team has extensive know-how on leading knowledge work companies, and we want to use our first-hand experience to strengthen your business. The level of support varies from turnkey solutions to do-it-yourself. You choose.

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“Agileday was very helpful with the onboarding process. They feel more than a solution provider and are positive about feedback and ideas.”

Your data is safe with us

The security of your data is our top priority. Our experienced team is dedicated to maintaining top-notch quality and security standards. See the measures we take, so you can enjoy a peace of mind. In case you have questions, we are happy to discuss these matters with you.

Curious to learn more about our technology?

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Cloud hosting in European data centers
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GDPR compliant
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Data encryption
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Secure cookies and tokens
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Security & performance scans
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Granular access management
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Data processing agreement
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Internal security policies
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Availability and disaster recovery
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24/7 monitoring
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User requests and bug reports