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How to build an environment where people can actively grow their expertise and be inspired? Agileday transforms your talent development from once-a-year discussions to every day doing. Connect people data, development paths, and interests to the business to elevate the role of HR in your company.

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Meet Hanna, HR Lead

As an HR Lead, Hanna supports the company in all people-related matters. Her goal is to create a top-notch employee experience and to do so, she wants to understand the people, their needs, and how these can be balanced with business objectives.

However, time for development is short, and Hanna's table is often filled with administrative HR tasks. Moreover, she has no visibility to operational data; she is in a reactive mode regarding recruitment or development needs. Hence she feels that making a genuine, long-lasting impact on the company culture is hard. And supporting what people really need is close to impossible in the siloed role of her team. It is time to start leading the new era of HR.

Hanna struggles with:

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Time-consuming administrative HR tasks that leave no time for development work
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The disconnect of people data from everyday operations and business metrics
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The inexistent link between the recruitment process and demand forecast
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The supportive role of HR rather than it being an integral part of business

With Agileday, Hanna can:

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View all the people, their skills, assignments, and development paths easily
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Ensure development plans are built and connected to company strategy and people’s desires
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View real-time data about competence needs and take action, e.g., with trainings
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Connect recruitment pipeline with project opportunities in real-time
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Onboard new talent fast and reduce the time from recruitment to project
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Understand employee experience by connecting pulse surveys to projects people work in, with whom, and more
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Spend more time on people operations development
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Build concrete development paths that meet experts' interests and monitor and support progress.

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Connect recruitment pipeline to ongoing opportunities to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

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What our customers say

“Everyone becomes the eyes and ears for sales at the client site, which decreases the guesswork in sales.”

Kimmo Kavander
Sales Director, Alfame

"With Agileday I can easily see what is going on in our company and in our sales. By finding interesting opportunities, I can grow as a developer."

Miikka Ansamaa
Software Developer, Houston Inc.

“Agileday is instrumental for our growth. It combines all the needed tools in one and helps transform our business from purely sourcing to project-based business.”

Greg Polec
CEO and Co-Founder, The Codest

"Before we needed Excels to get the data we wanted. Now that we use Agileday, we can throw out these and get accurate insights on what we want. This adds predictability to our business."

Lasse Räty
CEO, Bofor

“Agileday’s offering aligned perfectly with our need. With Agileday, we are able to manage talent and allocations, identify skills gaps, and create development opportunities that enhance both individual growth and company success."

Kari Jussila
Director of Delivery Operations, Unikie

"We want to be as transparent as possible but requires that we give a lot of information to people. Agileday helps without the overload by bringing all relevant information empowering people to action."

Janne Tirkkonen
CEO, Alfame
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