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Because you are more than a resource at work.

Many expert organizations claim our people are our most valuable asset. Yet, many of the actions speak differently. We help you walk the talk. Agileday allows professionals to impact their assignments, develop according to their interests, and align their work with the big picture. We call this autonomy, mastery, and purpose. You can call it happiness.

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Meet Patrick, Senior Consultant

Patrick is a consultant helping customers solve the challenges they come across. He is motivated by excellent teamwork and the opportunity to develop his skills in exciting and challenging customer projects. In an environment where he can be himself, he feels like part of the community and wants to improve it on the side of customer work.

But Patrick struggles as he:

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Feels like a resource that is just a row in an Excel
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Has no say or visibility in the projects he'd like to be involved with
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Is not really involved in company operations and lacks the big picture and feeling of purpose
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lacks motivation and interest in the current environment as a consequence

Agileday changed the game. Now, Patrick can:

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Showcase his own skills and interests and request new projects
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Be notified of new opportunities that match his desires
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Have complete visibility of all current and future projects
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Indicate interest in new projects and opportunities
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Explore what his colleagues work with
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Contribute to sales and help colleagues
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Manage and actively lead his own development
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Understand his role as part of the company strategy
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Explore the opportunities available and indicate your interest in being part of the sales or project teams.

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What our customers say

"We want to be as transparent as possible but requires that we give a lot of information to people. Agileday helps without the overload by bringing all relevant information empowering people to action."

Janne Tirkkonen
CEO, Alfame

"With Agileday I can easily see what is going on in our company and in our sales. By finding interesting opportunities, I can grow as a developer."

Miikka Ansamaa
Software Developer, Houston Inc.

“Agileday’s offering aligned perfectly with our need. With Agileday, we are able to manage talent and allocations, identify skills gaps, and create development opportunities that enhance both individual growth and company success."

Kari Jussila
Director of Delivery Operations, Unikie

“Agileday is instrumental for our growth. It combines all the needed tools in one and helps transform our business from purely sourcing to project-based business.”

Greg Polec
CEO and Co-Founder, The Codest

“Everyone becomes the eyes and ears for sales at the client site, which decreases the guesswork in sales.”

Kimmo Kavander
Sales Director, Alfame

"Before we needed Excels to get the data we wanted. Now that we use Agileday, we can throw out these and get accurate insights on what we want. This adds predictability to our business."

Lasse Räty
CEO, Bofor
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