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Winning sales culture starts with radical transparency.

Sales is a team effort. Agileday makes the entire organization your eyes and ears for catching new leads and enables you to find the best talent to help with client cases. Act proactively on client needs, use collective intelligence to win sales, and celebrate success together.

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Meet Mike, Sales Lead

Mike is a sales lead in a professional services firm. His work with customers is consultative, which requires rich knowledge of the customer context and support from his company's experts.

Mike loves the high-paced and versatile environment. To help the clients the best, Mike needs to be up-to-date with the skills and people available. Often, clients want to meet the experts, which requires Mike to find the best people in the house fast. Mike must know people personally and communicate back and forth, which takes time and often misses the client's core needs. Could it be simpler?

But he has a problem as he:

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Has no simple method to see the people, skills, and availabilities
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Is slow to respond to customer wants due to manual work and needs to push to get the needed support
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Is not connected to the project teams to hear about customer updates and new leads
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Has challenges in finding the right people across competencies to support more complex sales cases

Agileday changed the game. Now, Mike can:

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See who is available for projects in real-time
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Explore all skills and capabilities in the organization easily
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Get insights from everyone into new sales opportunities
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View who is interested in participating in projects
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Get suggestions on who to ask for input regarding new cases
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Receive leads from everyone in the organization
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Be updated and inform clients of staffing processes
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Find up-to-date CVs and reference projects that help win sales

Create a winning sales culture

Discover how to foster a sales culture that supports growth and empowers all team members to sell effectively, even in times of uncertainty.

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Explore Agileday’s features for sales

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Publish sales opportunities and enrich the proposal with the help of your community.

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Generate leads easily from across the organization with Agileday's lead channel.

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Find relevant materials like CVs and references for proposals. Always up-to-date, always in the correct format.

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Find interested consultants who best match the project specifications and speed up the sales process.

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What our customers say

"We want to be as transparent as possible but requires that we give a lot of information to people. Agileday helps without the overload by bringing all relevant information empowering people to action."

Janne Tirkkonen
CEO, Alfame

“Everyone becomes the eyes and ears for sales at the client site, which decreases the guesswork in sales.”

Kimmo Kavander
Sales Director, Alfame

"With Agileday I can easily see what is going on in our company and in our sales. By finding interesting opportunities, I can grow as a developer."

Miikka Ansamaa
Software Developer, Houston Inc.

“Agileday’s offering aligned perfectly with our need. With Agileday, we are able to manage talent and allocations, identify skills gaps, and create development opportunities that enhance both individual growth and company success."

Kari Jussila
Director of Delivery Operations, Unikie

“Agileday is instrumental for our growth. It combines all the needed tools in one and helps transform our business from purely sourcing to project-based business.”

Greg Polec
CEO and Co-Founder, The Codest

"Before we needed Excels to get the data we wanted. Now that we use Agileday, we can throw out these and get accurate insights on what we want. This adds predictability to our business."

Lasse Räty
CEO, Bofor
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