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Great knowledge work calls for great teamwork. With Agileday, teams can access a new level of clarity and improve their performance significantly. A strong team is a sum greater than its parts. It can lift the members to new heights. Strong teams are the source of magic, as the best results are always achieved together. If you wire your whole organization around a network of teams, you might find your new superpower.

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Meet Taylor, Team Lead

Taylor leads a team of 28 professionals who develop the company's core offering together. As a team lead, Taylor views the business holistically, which requires systems thinking: how the people, numbers, customers, sales, and technology all come together.

But Taylor struggles as every team has its own way of working, they are disconnected, and time goes to administrative tasks. Collaboration would flourish if teams were more aligned and linked. By understanding their situation and the other groups, teams could work as a network rather than separate isles.

But Taylor struggles with:

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Disconnected teams with different ways of working
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Aligning company strategy to team plans and people development
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Time-consuming "resource" management tasks that leave little time for leadership and coaching

Agileday changed the game. Now Taylor can:

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Build stronger connections between different teams
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Improve team dynamics and build a shared goal with game plans
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View current project situation, recognize recruitment needs and team member motivations on a dashboard thru a complete 360-view
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Strengthen company adaptability with a team-of-teams structure
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See when the team can assist with new leads or projects
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Focus on being a leader rather than a manager
Build a strong, engaged team today
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Align your team objectives with company strategy with OKRs and game plans. Strengthen team identity and the feeling of purpose in the everyday.

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View how work is allocated across the team. Find areas of improvement to strengthen well-being and team dynamics.

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What our customers say

"We want to be as transparent as possible but requires that we give a lot of information to people. Agileday helps without the overload by bringing all relevant information empowering people to action."

Janne Tirkkonen
CEO, Alfame

“Agileday is instrumental for our growth. It combines all the needed tools in one and helps transform our business from purely sourcing to project-based business.”

Greg Polec
CEO and Co-Founder, The Codest

“Everyone becomes the eyes and ears for sales at the client site, which decreases the guesswork in sales.”

Kimmo Kavander
Sales Director, Alfame

"Before we needed Excels to get the data we wanted. Now that we use Agileday, we can throw out these and get accurate insights on what we want. This adds predictability to our business."

Lasse Räty
CEO, Bofor

“Agileday’s offering aligned perfectly with our need. With Agileday, we are able to manage talent and allocations, identify skills gaps, and create development opportunities that enhance both individual growth and company success."

Kari Jussila
Director of Delivery Operations, Unikie

"With Agileday I can easily see what is going on in our company and in our sales. By finding interesting opportunities, I can grow as a developer."

Miikka Ansamaa
Software Developer, Houston Inc.
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