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About us

We are a technology firm with a human heart

Our purpose is to help organizations unleash their full potential by creating a work life that people deserve. We work with leading organizations in the knowledge work industry, helping them grow at scale by providing an operating platform that enables every individual, team, and business to live up to their fullest potential.

Our SaaS platform connects data from sales, projects, people, and strategy into one single source of truth, providing a connected systems view of the entire operation. The technology links opportunities and projects with the best skills and talent available. This allows people to impact their work and creates a sense of purpose, autonomy, and mastery in the everyday. By integrating business strategy and intelligence, companies can experience how their entire operation adapts, activates, and self-corrects. We call this phenomenon Magical Matchmaking.

Agileday was founded in 2022 and is based in Finland.

A venture driven by passion for human-centric organizations

Agileday is built on the founders' shared passion. Through experience in leading, scaling, and developing various organizations for the past 15 years, they spotted that growing knowledge-intensive companies often face similar problems that began with silos. That is why they embarked on a journey to seek a solution for this complex and universal problem.

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Meet the core team at Agileday

Our team is working hard for our mission. Get to know them, their skills, and superpowers.

Mikko Virtanen
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
"I would run the extra mile to see our customer, business, and people grow."
Jaakko Hallavo
Head of Product and Co-Founder
problem solving
"I got people in my heart, engineering in my soul."
Jonatan Hedberg
Design Lead
visual design
Staying Calm
"Tackling design challenges with a calm demeanor."
Mika Häkkinen
Customer Success Officer
Customer Success
Helping hand
“Success is a team effort but in need I can carry the heavy load.”
Nina Kähönen
Customer Success Officer
Customer Success
organized multitasking
“Customers' best friend and the icebreaker who keeps all the plates spinning.”
Hannu Kärkkäinen
CTO and Co-Founder
"Always one step ahead of the rest."
Petri Louhelainen
Principal Developer
wicked problem solver
"Gone fishing for 'em bugs."
Jaakko Hartikainen
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
"Seasoned with passion for people, leadership and growth ambitions."
Tomi Reunanen
QA Engineer
Jack of all trades
"Security is serious but good jokes make it more fun."
Niklas Valuri
Software Developer
Getting things done
"Finder of the best solutions through thick and thin."
Jussi Tenho
Customer Success Officer
Customer Success
"Dig deep and get things done."
Joonas Vanninen
Senior Software Developer
problem solving
"Where will meets way to crack the toughest challenges."
Henrik Heikkilä
Senior Software Developer
problem solving
"I see learning opportunities everywhere."
Jani Folland
Head of International Growth
Service Design
"Going the distance and breaking boundaries for international growth"
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Sales and Business

Jaakko Hartikainen

Co-CEO & Co-Founder
+358 44 3500 445jaakko.hartikainen@agileday.io

Sales and Business

Mikko Virtanen

Co-CEO & Co-Founder
+358 50 5583 777mikko.virtanen@agileday.io


Jaakko Hallavo

Head of Product & Co-Founder
+358 40 5483 611jaakko.hallavo@agileday.io

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Miltton House

Our office is located in Helsinki in an old historic building renovated as modern office space. You're welcome to drop by for coffee!

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